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Empty sparkling wine bottles at a great price

At Systempack, you can find a wide variety of bottles for sparkling wine at a great price. We stock bottles for sparkling wine in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Our wide range of bottles for sparkling wine

Sparkling wine bottles are mostly made with thicker walls than normal wine bottles. This is necessary so that the bottles can handle the 3.5 bar of pressure from the carbon dioxide. In the Systempack online shop you have a choice of sparkling wine bottles from 200 ml (piccolo) up to 6000 ml (Methuselah) in different shapes and colours.

The origin of Schaumwein, sparkling wine

The german word for sparkling wine, Schaumwein, was first used in Wilhelm Hauff’s 1827 novel Der Mann im Mond – “The Man in the Moon“. It then appeared in the dictionary in 1876. The word is a general term for sparkling wines with a certain percentage of  carbon dioxide. The rule of thumb is: the higher the percentage and the finer the rising bubbles are, the higher the quality.

Sparkling wine bottles in different sizes

In our portfolio, there are sparkling wine bottles from 200 ml up to 6000 ml. The variety on offer is therefore very diverse. The term “piccolo“ has been a registered trademark of the companies Kessler Sekt and Henkel since 1935. For bottlings above 3 litres, biblical names are used, such as Jeroboam (3000 ml) and Methuselah (6000 ml).

Special sizes of sparkling wine bottles

There are bottles with up to 30 litres in volume (Melchizedek). However, it must be kept in mind that producing these bottles is expensive and takes time. This means that they do not appear for sale very often. It is also important to remember that these bottles have a high influence on the quality and taste of the sparkling wine, as the bottle’s contents are not fermented in the bottle.

More interesting information on sparkling wine bottles

Usually champagne bottles are dark in colour to protect from damaging UV light, but nowadays they also come in white or blue. All of them have an indented base. The quality of a sparkling wine is shown by the prominent pearling of the smallest, finest bubbles. This is usually achieved by the classical method of in-bottle fermentation.

Storing sparkling wine

When keeping or storing sparkling wine, particularly champagne, there are a few things to watch out for. This has been shown by champagne bottles found in shipwrecks. By storing the wine undisturbed in a cold dark place, even very old sparkling wine is still drinkable. The record is held by a champagne from 1839 that, after being found in a wreck in 2010 was not just drinkable after 170 years, it even tasted fantastic.