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About us

The company was founded on 20/07/1895. Since then, we have been working in the drinks industry and are now in our fourth generation.

In the beginning, we manufactured wooden casks for the brewing industry and wineries. We have been working in the glass industry since 1949.

What began initially as a glass bottle trade is now a launching pad for design, manufacturing and service, dealing with special bottles from every corner of the beverages industry. We work all over the world, working with customers in New Zealand in the morning and Maui in the evening. Our customer base ranges from private home breweries to world market leaders in the wine industry.

Our manufacturing options encompass a wide range of colours, sizes and volumes, from individually produced, hand-blown special bottles for marketing/sales to customised mass-produced goods in the millions. Our portfolio is completed by co-operations so that we are a one-stop shop for beverage manufacturers.

The owner, Michael Schlegel, himself a master brewer and a graduate inbeverage technology from TU Munich/Weihenstephan and MBA IESE, can draw on decades of experience in the beverage industry, beginning working with fermenting vatsand finally reaching his current position. This experience all benefits your products and their development.

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