• Wooden crates

Wooden crates

All wooden crates are individual production runs. Each wooden crate is produced by agreement with the customer to their wishes and requirements. Our crates are hand made: “made in Bavaria”.

Quality and sustainability are our top priority. That is why the wood used for the crates comes from native and sustainable forestry.

Load-bearing elements are made of hardwood. Hardwood is characterised by its sturdy, dense composition. This makes it robust and resistant to breakage. In the final stage, the crates are screwed fast with Würth wood screws. We have deliberately opted for wood screws over staples in order to maintain our high quality standards. The advantage of wood screws is their better durability over the long term. There is also a lower danger that the wood will split unattractively.

The crates are naturally stackable – and thus save space.


Do you need a wooden crate? Please contact us - we will support you through its development and production.


Here is a selection of wooden crates we have made previously.