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A wide variety of empty Schlegel bottles at preat prices

At Systempack, you can find a wide variety of Schlegel bottles at a great price. We stock Schlegel bottles in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Burgundy bottles in various designs

On the Systempack website there is a comprehensive selection of Burgundy bottles. This type of bottle is slim, with indistinct shoulders and is available in a huge variety of different shapes, colours and sizes, as well as different mouths, making them great for many different bottlings.

The origin of the Burgundy bottle

This bottle shape, also called a Hochflasche, or high bottle, has its origins in Germany. Because of this, it is mostly used for the standard German wines such as Riesling or Gewürztraminer. It is available in our shop in many colours such as brown and green tones and also in clear glass.

Burgundy bottles in very different designs

These special wine bottles are made in different colours and sizes with different mouths. They are mostly available in brown for wines from the Rhine regions and in green for wines from the Mosel region, with other colours becoming increasingly more common. In Alsace the shape is usually taller than in Germany. The Burgundy bottle is often used worldwide for Riesling wines as well as dessert wines.

More about Burgundy bottles

The Burgundy bottle is the most commonly used bottle shape in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in Alsace. This slim bottle is between 300 mm and 275 mm long and is referred to differently in different regions. In the Rheingau area, it is called the Rheingauer Flöte, and in Alsace it is called the Flûte – flute in English. Internationally it is known as a Renana, meaning “from the Rhine area”.

About the name Burgundy

The Burgundy bottle can be seen in quite a few pictures of domestic scenes or farm festivals from the 18th century. Due to the long neck found on this type of bottle and the compact cylindrical body, it is known in German as a Holzhammer or Schlegel, or mallet in English. Since the bottle looked like this typical masonry tool, it was call a Schlegel bottle alongside its other, less common name of Hochflasche.

The long, slim, exquisite Burgundy bottle

Today, the modern shape of the Burgundy bottle has a classically elegant appearance and a clear silhouette without shoulders. It is used for both dry and sweet as well as dessert wines, but also for spirits, brandies and vinegars. While they used to mostly be brown, there is now a wide range of colours. This spectrum of colours is reflected in our portfolio and you are sure to find the right colour for you.