• swing tops

Swing tops

We will supply you with swing tops - fitted or loose. Our swing tops are produced and tested to DIN standard 5097.

In your inquery, please tell us about your bottling details, such as known pasteurization. The porcelain heads can be supplied in the normal flat design with a spherical button or as a ball. This is how the swing top can be matched to your product fittings.

Please add ~14mm to each bottle height for the swing top.

Stainless steel/hot galvanized swing tops

Stainless steel swing top Head Article no.
Porcelain head 0457
Polished plastic head 0750
Polished plastic head, printed 0759
XXL porcelain head for 2 and 3 litre bottles 0455
XXL plastic head for 2 and 3 litre bottles 0756
Hot galvanized swing top Plastic head 0731
Polished plastic head, printed 0757

Replacement rubber

Replacement rubber Colour Article no.
red 0730
blue 0739
green 0868
black 0867


Swing top Material
Stainless steel, chromium plated steel W 4016 (residue-resistant, magnetic)
Chromium plated nickel steel 4301 (acid-resistant, antimagnetic)
Hot galvanized (recommended only for disposable bottles)
Clip head Porcelain or polished plastic PP (polypropylene). Both types, for disposable and reusable bottles
Closing ring Rubber or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Working life min. ~2 years or 20 fillings.

Note on correct use

Never store filled bottles with a swing top on their sides.
Never store full bottles at more than 25°C.
Never store swing tops and swing tops fitted on bottles in the sun and under UV radiation.
Do not store swing tops packed in boxes on a pallet under stretch wrap.
Never store swing tops with galvanized wire near a bottle washing machine or wash in an alkali (an alkali oxidizes galvanized wire).
Do not reuse swing tops for disposable bottles.
Do not store more than 6 boxes packed with porcelain swing tops on top of one another.
Before changing bottle manufacturer, the swing top manufacturer must be informed, to guarantee an exact fit.
It is essential to clean swing tops before filling
When filling, it is essential to leave 5% empty space in the neck of the bottle.