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Spirits bottles:
a wide selection of empty glass bottles and screw caps

Here you can find all the usual spirits bottles in a plethora of shapes, colours and sizes. Depending on the different contents or your personal wishes, you can also work with us to add special features to any bottle type – every bottle can be individually finished. If the creation you want isn’t there, just get in touch – no obligation! For example, you can give your product or brand a characteristic special feature with your own individual seal. Our portfolio naturally also contains the lids to fit the bottles.


Spirits bottles in particular shapes for various different contents

A wide range of very different bottles exists for gin, vodka, whisky, rum and liqueurs. Decorative containers can give your product that special something when filled. For liqueurs, the one-litre volume is of course not always suitable; this is why we offer you a wide range of sizes. Individual, traditional or more unusual closures will then add the final touches for your unique product. Take a look at our product palette and choose the designs you want. We will be happy to help!


Liqueur bottles and other attractive options:
our glass bottles in various shapes and sizes 

100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 litre: glass spirits bottles come in many different volumes. Take a closer look at our extensive range and you will certainly find the right volume for you. And we will of course also answer all your questions and give you advice! Because you choose the size, colour and shape, empty bottles or special containers like demijohns become unique and eye-catching liqueur vessels when filled. And whether you choose a square or round shape, narrow or broad, large or small, brown or white: you will find the spirits or liqueur bottle perfectly suited to you and your product here, with the most varied closures and in many different shapes and colours. If you are unsure, we are here to help you!


Glass bottles for wholesale:
empty glass bottles, liqueur bottles, litre bottles and more

Our range of glass bottles for wholesale is broad and varied. And it has to be, because the idea of “spirits” covers the most diverse liqueurs, distillations and many other alcoholic drinks. Today, a wide range of much-loved beverages such as long drinks, punches and cocktails are also offered in bottles of various sizes/volumes and with different colours and shapes. We also cover this in our portfolio. Some shapes are true designer items that make an impression even when empty. The time when spirits usually only came onto the market in white bottles, and were negatively referred to as “booze”, is long past. Empty bottles can turn into small artworks thanks to special, clean-lined, cool or opulent and artistic finishes. Ask us: we will design your perfect product! Our screw caps can then make your model into a stand-out, unique item.