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Enjoying beer from a growler

A wide variety of beer growlers are waiting for you in the Systempack online shop in different shapes, sizes and colours. The right one for you is sure to be there.

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Growlers, a very different type of bottle from our range of glass bottles

The ancient art of brewing beer harmonises beautifully with the modern and innovative bottle shapes of today. You still need hops and yeast to make beer of course, but when it comes to filling the empty glass bottles, you don’t have to stick with brown or green glass in 330 ml or other normal sizes and shapes. Consumers also take increasing pleasure in new and more unusual shapes: a crate of beer filled with growlers always go down well with guests or as a present.

Beer growlers, a very different way of enjoying a beer

Nowadays modern filling equipment can also manage unusual shapes. This means that it is now also possible to fill special bottle shapes without any problems.  While growlers used to be used more as a means of transporting beer, today they are primarily eye-catching and highly decorative bottles which, besides having an attractive appearance, also ensure that culinary enjoyment is not neglected.

Beer growlers, a different type of present

Growlers are perfect as a slightly different way of presenting a beer-related present. They are also suitable for maturing and storing beer.  We at Systempack Manufaktur have many different sizes and shapes in our range of products.  This means you have a range of choices and of course can also choose between different colours, for example antique green or classic brown. We would be happy to help you choose a suitable bottle top. We are here for you with our expert knowledge.

The tradition of beer in growlers

 A growler is a long-used, traditional vessel that was used in the past to transport beer home from a pub or brewery. While you used to have to go out to get delicious beer to enjoy at home, today consumers can order it to be delivered. It can of course also be given away as a special gift. This makes them particularly interesting if you want to present the beer in a very different way when giving it as a gift. Just get in touch, and we will be happy to advise you on the sizes, shapes and colours available.