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Our wine bottles: discover our extensive range of glass bottles for wholesale

Here you can find the most common wine bottles, divided into sparkling wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy sections. Our high-quality product range, offering a broad colour palette from elegant white through diverse blues, greens and browns all the way to cool black, leaves no wish unfulfilled. Every bottle can be individually finished. If the model you want isn’t there, just get in touch. Because we can naturally also provide you with any bottle you want, even in an individual or unique design. And of course we can also advise you in your search for suitable closures – corks and more!

Wine bottles:
glass bottles for various types of wine, with different shapes and designs

Wine used to be stored in vats and barrels and then traded in bags made of animal skin. But today, this has all changed. The glass wine bottle, still called a “bouteille” in the 19th century, has become the most common means of transport and storage. Using bottles sealed with cork, the wine or champagne was able to be kept for longer and was even able to mature further in the bottle. We naturally offer other special closures in our extensive product range. Though, in former times, filling had to be done by hand, this process also got easier with time. Specially developed machines make this procedure fast and uncomplicated today. This is also essential, as wine consumption has continually risen worldwide. Today, a large share of bottles are still made of brown and antique green, alongside clear or white glass. But in the wholesale bottle trade, and from us, you can also find many other colours and above all a wide variety of shapes. We have the right option for you and your product or brand! Get in contact with us!

Empty glass bottles:
we have the right bottles for your product

We have empty bottles for the most varied liquids. What do you need them for? In our portfolio, you will certainly find the right thing for water, beer, wine, champagne, oil, spirits and more! Just take a look at our range! These days, bottles are the most usual transport and storage medium for every type of liquid. They come in the widest range of volumes: 100ml, 200ml, 350ml or 1000ml, bigger or smaller. In terms of wine and sparkling wine, 750ml bottles are most common. However, there is also a range of colours and diverse, even unique designs. Depending on the need and/or preference, we can also supply miniature bottles, single-use bottles, sparkling wine bottles and individually finished bottles with special or unusual closures – something to make your product unmistakeable.

With our glass bottles, we are the right contact for wholesalers

We all know it: bottles are most often used for drinks, i.e. liquids. But there’s much more to it than this: the range and breadth of the product palette of highly diverse liquids has only ever grown with time. Whatever you are looking for in a bottle: sparkling wine, wine, beer, spirits or oil bottles, individual designs etc. with the right shape, size, colour and mouth, you will certainly find what you want here and gain competent advice at any time in response to your specific questions and requests. We are there for you!