We will supply you with Vinolok closures. Vinolok closures are made of pure Bohemian glass and affect neither the aroma nor the taste of the content of the bottle. As such, these elegant closures are ideal for wines, spirits, bottled water and oils. The Vinolok glass closures are available in various standard colours and can be individually processed with your logo or design. Simply talk to us - we will be pleased to advise you.

The Vinolok glass closures comes in two different designs

For the following bottle neck sizes Use
Low Top 17.5 mm, 18.2 mm, 18.5 mm, 20 mm Mainly for wines
High Top 21.5 mm, 23.0 mm Mainly for spirits and bottled water

Vinolok closures benefits

No effect on aroma or taste.
Unfolding of the wine in the bottle is retarded. As such, even heavy red wines retain their youthful freshness and fruitiness.
Leak-proof and therefore perfect for keeping and transporting drinks.
Transforms your packaging into an optimum premium product and combines functionality with a unique aesthetic appeal.