• Beer bottles

Beer bottles: the right bottle from our wide range of glass bottles

Beer has always been an exceptionally popular drink, no matter the latest trend. Here you can find the most common beer bottles separated into disposable, returnable, swingtop and growlers. Every bottle can be finished as you desire. Just get in touch if the model you want isn’t there. Beer brewing is an ancient art. Today, however, you can choose between many different bottle sizes, types and colours. No matter whether you want single-use bottles or a deposit system, or prefer 0.33 or 0.5 litres. We have the right bottles for you!

Our disposable beer bottles: glass bottles in various colours and shapes

In our diverse range of bottles, you will certainly find the right design for you. Whether it's coloured or clear glass, traditional green or another colour, the tastes and preferences of consumers are very varied. While some have a particular love of the 0.33l beer bottle, there are many others who for practical purposes prefer a single-use bottle. In this field, we offer a wide range of colours, volumes and tops, for whatever filling system you have planned. We also offer the perfect closures – not just crown caps, but many other options too. Just look through our portfolio and make your choice. We will be happy to offer you advice.

Returnable beer bottles:a broad selection of very diverse designs

At a beer fest, drinks are often measured out in litres, but for many people, one bottle in the evening is enough. This preference is made easy with crate transport. Choosing whether to use green or brown bottles and what sort of cap, whether flip-tops or crown caps, is often less important than the choice of system: single-use or returnable is the dividing issue of the day. Our range of returnable bottles is large. And of course they come in many volumes, colours and with different tops. Take a look at our range: you are sure to find the right choice for you.

Swingtop bottles, once more in high demand

Not every bottle is the same. Today, there is much more about than just the ordinary brown bottles that used to be the standard. New shapes have come onto the market. And many beer-drinkers love swingtops. If they were totally unfashionable for a while, today they have become very popular: many people love the special “pop” they make on opening. Swingtop bottles have truly experienced a renaissance. And of course that means you can get a correspondingly wide range from us!

Growlers: a very different bottle from our range

The excellent ancient tradition of brewing goes excellently with modern and innovative bottle shapes. Of course, making beer still needs hops and yeast, but the resulting nectar need no longer be filled into 330ml brown bottles or other standard shapes and sizes. Modern filling processes can still run without a hitch, even with special bottles. Consumers are increasingly drawn to new shapes: a crate of growlers always makes a good impression on guests or as a gift. We are here to help you find the right bottle cap. Discover our diverse shapes, colours, sizes and tops! We’re here to help with our specialist expertise!