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Swingtop bottles in demand as never before

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Swingtop bottles: a comeback

Many beer drinkers love swingtop bottles. Although they were out of fashion for a while, today they are in high demand and many people love that special “plop” that you can hear when opening a bottle. Swingtop bottles have certainly had quite the renaissance. And you can of course find a suitably large selection of them in our collection!

Swingtop bottles, once unfashionable, have now been popular again for a while

Beer has been around for a long time and has never gone out of fashion. Swingtop bottles, on the other hand, have. You didn’t see them for years. Now no two beer bottles look the same. And swingtop bottles, once declared dead, have been back in fashion for years and have plenty of fans. They also fit right in with the great variety in beer storage on the market at the moment, as there are many more nowadays than the old, uniform brown bottles. We have a huge selection for you!

Swingtop bottles: that characteristic „plop“ noise

The swingtop bottle was invented in the last quarter of the 19th century. There are however a few different opinions on who actually invented it. With the swingtop design, the previous, mostly fruitless attempts to make foamy beer securely transportable in clay and glass bottles were brought to an end. Corks and even rubber bungs had to be equipped with secure twine or a stable wire in order to keep the pressure of carbonation under control. The swing top achieved this goal. Since then, plastic has increasingly replaced the porcelain stoppers that are fused to a sealing ring. This is cheaper, makes cleaning easier and most importantly makes a better seal.

The swingtop bottle comeback

Due to technological improvements, the swingtop bottle has had a real renaissance since the 1980s. But they’re not just liked for nostalgic reasons: consumers like being able to close an open bottle properly. Unlike with bottle caps, the beer stays fresh, even if you do not drink for a while after. Many smaller breweries have been very successful with filling their more special or unusual beers in equally unique swingtop bottles. In Germany in particular, the number of beers with swingtops has increased and there is no end in sight to this success. So if you are interested in swingtop bottles, get in touch with us!