Empty glass bottles: your partner for bottles and closures

At Systempack Manufaktur you can find a wide selection of glass bottles – whether for beer, wine, spirits, juice or other non-alcoholic beverages. Our range includes all the usual single-use and returnable bottles with CC, MCA and flip-top closures, from 0.04 to 9 litres. These come in brown, green, white and blue glass, and other special colours. In addition, we offer the opportunity to add an individual finish to your glass bottles and print on them. Here you can find a small selection from our range. If the bottle you want isn’t there, just get in touch!


Glass bottles:our bottles come in attractive shapes, sizes and colours 

Glass bottles have numerous advantages. They are environmentally friendly, keep drinks fresh for a long time and are not harmful to health. Many consumers value these aspects, especially if they wish to avoid harmful substances as much as possible. Our extensive portfolio contains not only beer bottles, wine bottles, bottles for spirits and non-alcoholic drinks, but also bottles developed in new, special and unique designs: perfectly suited to your product or brand.

No matter what you fill your bottles with, whether it’s water, spirits, juice, milk, oil etc.: we are your contact to give your product a distinctive and unmistakeable appearance. This naturally also applies to closures, caps, screw-tops, flip-tops, shaped bottles – and the volume too, of course. Whether you need 100ml, 200ml, 250ml, 500ml or a different volume entirely. Choose the bottle you want!

Empty beer bottles in traditional and special shapes and sizes

With the start of the 20th century, the distribution of beer in kegs, as was normal to that point, began to be replaced by bottles, mechanically filled and sold in crates. Now, many different bottle shapes are on the market, with special labels, and flip-top bottles are making a return. Colours range from antique green to brown. But we also have many other shades in our palette. Just get in touch to talk about the perfect finish for your product!

Empty wine bottles:
our extensive range of different bottle shapes, volumes and colours

While, in earlier times, wine was usually stored in barrels and then served in jugs, in the 17th century the glass bottle arose. Nowadays it has become the norm to fill wine into glass bottles, as glass is chemically neutral, making it an ideal container for liquids. The manufacture of wine has also become easier in many senses. The most modern machinery has been invented for packing, filling and sealing bottles. Small-scale winemakers are experiencing an unexpected renaissance.

While we provide the most popular wine bottles in many different colours, subdivided into those for sparkling wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy, we are also happy to give the bottle you choose an individual touch. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking litre bottles, 100ml or 500ml. Special flip-top closures can also make your product unique. Then all you need to do is fill them: we will deliver the individual bottle for you!

Closures, corks, screw tops and more for empty, glass, wine and spirits bottles

You can’t just do it with empty bottles: whether you need bottles for spirits, milk, oil, juice or something else, caps, corks or screw closures are also an important part of the presentation. We offer a wide selection of closures for our glass bottles: corks, crown caps, flip-tops, screw-tops and glass caps. These come in an extensive range of colours and can, of course, be printed with your own individual logo.