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Great prices on glass bottles for spirits

In the Systempack online shop you can find a huge choice of shapes, colours and volumes for the most popular spirits bottles. Take your pick!

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Schnapps bottles in special shapes for different contents

There is a large number of different bottles for gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, liqueurs and more. Decorative containers can give your product that special touch of uniqueness.   Custom bottle tops and stoppers give your creation a final polish and flair. Take a look at our range of products and choose the one you want. We will be happy to help you make your choice!

Our empty glass bottles in different shapes and volumes

Spirits bottles come in many sizes. Whether you choose a rectangular or a round shape, slim or wide, small or large, whether you go for brown or white, you will find the bottle that is perfectly suited to your creation as well as different tops and stoppers in many shapes and colours. If you are at all unsure, we will be happy to help!

Glass bottles for wholesale distribution: empty glass bottles, liqueur bottles, litre bottles and more

Nowadays, alcohol comes in very different volumes, colours and shapes. The time when schnapps came in white bottles – often derogatively called Fusel in German – is long past. Small works of art can be made from empty bottles. Just ask us and we can design the perfect product with you! Our screw tops can make your bottle into something extraordinary and unique.