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Great prices on empty glass bottles for Bordeaux wines

At Systempack, you can get empty Bordeaux bottles at a great price. We stock wine bottles in various shapes, sizes and colours.

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A wide range of Bordeaux wine bottles

In our online shop you can find a wide range of Bordeaux bottles. As the name suggests, this shape originally comes from and gets its name from the well-known wine growing area in west France.

A huge variety of Bordeaux bottle shapes

These bottles are recognisable by their classic shapes. For example, Bordeaux bottles are easy to recognise due to their “shoulders”. They are straight bottles with a collar, neck, pronounced shoulders, a straight body and a base that curves inwards slightly.

Bordeaux bottles in different designs

These specialised wine bottles are made in many shapes and sizes, and with different mouths that can be equipped with many different stopper shapes. As with Burgundy bottles, the base of a Bordeaux bottle is slightly curved. This helps stop sediment from coming out when the wine is poured into a glass.

Handling Bordeaux wines

Older Bordeauxs in particular should be put upright in good time before pouring so that sediments fall into the small grooves along the curved base. The shape of the Bordeaux bottle is the most stable basic shape of all wine bottles and cannot slip as easily during storage as other bottle shapes.

Bordeaux bottles for different sorts of wine

Bordeaux bottles can theoretically be used for any type of wine. But it is mostly dry red wine that is stored in these bottles. Bordeaux bottles are one of the most recognisable bottle shapes for dry red wine of different grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot and others. They come in various green and brown tones for dry red and white wines but also in clear glass for sweet and some dry white wines.

The Bordeaux bottle colours

The bottle colours are directly related to how good the bottles are for storage, as the wine stored in them often stays in storage for a long time. This means that shades between dark brown and dark green are used the most – i.e. dark and covered tones. However, dark colours are also used increasingly regularly for white wines.

What is special about Bordeaux bottles?

Lastly, it has to be said that buyers of Bordeaux bottles receive a bottle that gives a heavy and stable impression, and this gives a certain haptic preview of the wine inside.  This includes the prospect of an at least medium-weight, full-bodied and often long-term storable wine.