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Our reusable bottles in attractive designs

In our online shop, you can get reusable bottles at great prices. Choose the one that’s right for you from a range of shapes, colours and sizes.

Glass bottles have many advantages

Bottles made from glass are environmentally friendly, keep drinks fresh for a long time and are not hazardous to your health. Many people value these aspects highly, especially if they want to avoid any potentially harmful substances. Our diverse range of products has a wide variety of reusable beer bottles that are the perfect fit for your product or brand. This of course includes the development of new, special and unique designs.

Our range of empty glass bottles for beer is extensive

With our empty reusable bottles, we give your beer a distinctive and unmistakable face and we are also your experienced point of contact. This of course also includes all of our caps and stoppers. Get in touch and choose your dream bottle!

Your reusable bottle: click through our range of products

Many other varieties in size, shape and colour are just waiting to be filled with your beer. Why not try something new? To go with the right bottle, you can also order classic bottle tops such as caps, or other solutions that might seem somewhat unusual at first. Do you need some help choosing a bottle that’s right for you? We will be happy to advise you!

Reusable beer bottles: a wide range of glass bottles with different designs for you

Although beer is drunk by the litre at Oktoberfest and other folk festivals in Germany, many people just want one beer in the evening. Draught beer was the favourite for a long time, usually filled in tankards that people brought along themselves, nowadays it is much easier, as beer comes in easily transportable crates.

Many consumers prefer reusable bottles

The use of green and brown bottles, the choice of different bottle tops, whether bottles have caps or swing tops, is often less important than the bottle system. People are divided between reusable and single-use bottles. Our range of reusable bottles is extensive – and of course includes different volumes, colours and bottle mouths. Take a closer look at our range of products and you’re sure to find the right choice for you. If not, then we will be happy to help you make your decision. Just get in touch!

Beer bottles as a reusable product

At Systempack Manufaktur you can find a wide variety of empty reusable bottles. Our range covers all the normal models, both classics and more unusual designs with the bottle tops to match. We also offer you the option of design your own glass packaging and have it printed. Should you not be able to find the bottle you want, just talk to us. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our portfolio!